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If you have an extended weekend and live nearby the Czech Republic, Prague can be a nice destination to spend your time at. If you take the road to Prague and don’t go from the Autobahns, rather choose your way from the smaller city roads, you will be surprised how beautiful the towns are. That being said, here is what you can do when you travel to Prague:

1. Instead of taking the National Highway, travel on the city roads. You will get to see the small villages and towns and get a better feel for the country life.
2, There is a lot of meat in the Czech cuisines and super market, so, if you are a vegetarian, you will not have many choices there.
3. A lot of restaurants are located near the inner city but most of them are expensive. If you walk a bit further away from the city, you can still find some restaurants every here and there which will be cheaper because of their location.
4. The tickets for the public transport can ONLY be paid in Coins or Credit Cards. Take care to have some coins when you go to the city.
5. If you get out at the station ‘Staroměstská’, you can see most of the old town attractions. It’s a small city and you can see almost everything on foot.

Have a great time when you travel there! You can definitely organise your trip better when you go there ( we had completely no idea what we were doing but it was fun for us that way!) and let us know in the comments about your trip!

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